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Guy Billout
"A woman is only vulnerable when her nail polish is drying, and even then she can still pull a trigger."
— some great quote I heard somewhere once upon a time and that is very, very true (via a-thousand-words)

Love it.

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Korra- disintegration—Behold!the piece that was reborn from the ashes of the fallen PS!I worked on it for so long I already hate it.  :>-sidenote- it has been 5 days since the finale and everything is still not okay.

One of the antagonist can create explosions with her mind, another can waterbend without arms and another can create magma at will… Yet flying is some sort of big deal????


Spanish is a beautiful language. You don’t say “I love you” in Spanish, you say “yo quiero comer culo” which translates to “you are the light of my life” which I think is one of the most beautiful things to say to someone

as a native speaker, I vouch for this.